Thermal Massage Bed

If you’ve never used a Thermal Massage Bed, you’re in for a treat.  The bed uses the healing power of jade, combined with infrared heat, to sooth tight muscles and stimulate overall metabolism.  The bed has been shown to burn up to 2400 calories during one 35 minute treatment session.  While jade rollers ease muscles from your head to your tailbone on either side of your spine and between your shoulder blades, a lower set of rollers eases tight legs and calf muscles.  This action can be extremely helpful for patients with neck, back, sciatic, or shoulder pain.

Due to the effects this treatment has on the metabolism, this Thermal Massage Bed is actually FDA approved for lowering blood glucose levels for Type II diabetics and blood pressure in instances of hypertension.  What most people are shocked to find is not only how relaxed they feel after just 35 minutes, but the positive effects they feel throughout their entire body.

When you come in for your consultation, please ask if this treatment may be right for you.