Bio-Body Composition


We will measure your baseline body composition rather than just your weight and height.  This allows us to identify your body fat percentage, muscle percentage, and visceral, or abdominal fat, to make sure that as your weight changes you are losing fat and not any muscle mass. 

This is not only critical in being able to maintain weight loss for long term, but also when working to assist with weight management for Type II diabetics. 




Diagnostic Test: Bio-Meridian

This test is non-invasive and radiation free.  We put an electrical impulse on acupuncture points in your hands and feet.  The computer measures the electrical resistance in all 13 different organ systems.  If you have the perfect amount of resistance for that area, you will fall in a green area.  If an area has too much resistance, it means that you have inflammation, and your report will show areas in yellow.  If an area has too little resistance, it means that you are actually weak in that area.  If this is the case, your report will show areas in red.  In a perfect world, everything would be in the green.  By the time we see most patients, they have a few areas in yellow.  Anything that shows in red gets priority care.

This test gives us a good, objective perspective of what is happening in your body.  Plus, because we are measuring the energetic systems, the test tells us up to two years before you start exhibiting symptoms in an area, if an area is having a struggle.  This allows us to a proactive approach to managing your health.

We will usually run this again about six months after beginning treatment to be certain that we are getting actual results in addition to the symptomatic results you will be experiencing.


Bio-Photonic Anti Oxidant


Your antioxidant levels are a fantastic indicator of your nutritional absorption.  The biophotonic antioxidant scanner we use indicates what has been absorbed into your tissue for the past 30 days.  We would hope to have your score in the 50,000 or above range.  Lower scores could mean 

You are not eating enough nutrient-dense foods.

You may not be absorbing the nutrition due to digestive or other health issues.

Commonly, stress is generating free radicals and reducing your availability to obtain the health and vitality that you are seeking.


Blood/ Urine/ Saliva


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Heart Rate Variability

heart rate.png

The heart rate variability test is very easy to administer.  We simply put a heart rate monitor around your upper chest and have you lie down. The computer measures the variability of your heart rate while laying down.  We then have you stand and the computer measures the variability of your heart rate while standing.  The measurements give us an idea of how well you are shifting from a sympathetic "stressed fight or flight" mode to the parasympathetic 'relaxation/ restoration" mode.

Often, when someone is suffering from chronic or acute stress, there is a problem in this area.  Symptomatically, this will often show as insomnia, muscle tension (especially in the neck and shoulders), headaches, digestive distress, anxiety, etc.

We run this in our six month re-evaluation to be certain that the treatment protocols are working effectively.


Limbic Stress Assessment


The lymbic stress assessment test is another non-invasive, radiation free test.  Patients simply rest a hand on a hand cradle.  An attached computer uses galvanic skin response (the same as is used in the lie detection test) to measure your body's reaction to a stressor.  This provides a measurement of the kinds of things that may be stressing your body, such as emotional stress, environmental, toxic exposure, hormones, hydration levels, etc.

This test will also provide us an idea if your body has an affinity for certain nutrients, or whether it would benefit from specific detoxification protocols.  We will also be able to identify your body type in Aurovedic medicine between Kapha, Vatta and Pitta.  This allows us to give you lifestyle support for your specific body type.  Emotional stressors can also be identified and the customized homeopathic remedies created specifically for you with such things as Bach Flower Remedies as needed.

lymbic stress assessment.png



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