Acupuncture itself is a tremendous healing modality.  However, not all acupuncture is the same.  We apply our holistic philosophy to our acupuncture as well.  What this means to our patients, is that we are not just “spot treating” or treating our patient’s chief complaint.  We address all systems of the body in each and every treatment.  Consequently, not only does that chief complaint heal quicker, more completely, and with fewer treatments, but additionally, other symptoms start to resolve as the entire body is renewing itself. 

Our patients find their treatments to be extremely relaxing.  Often we hear them say that “this is the time for their nap”, as they get into a deep state of relaxation during their treatments.  This is how a patient recently described her treatments,

I have known Dr. Tobin for over 9 years and she is without question the best acupuncturist I have ever been to (and I have been to many others). No matter what ailment I go in to see her about, I feel 100% better in one visit! In fact, her technique is so unique that during my treatment, I literally pass out. I get the best nap ever when I visit her and this doesn’t happen with other acupuncturists. Dr. Tobin is kind and truly cares about her patients. I really can’t say enough about how awesome she is - if you are questioning whether acupuncture will help you or if you’re nervous about the treatment, go see Dr. Tobin. You won’t regret it
— Stacy C.


Therapeutic Massage


Until you’ve received a true Therapeutic Massage, you might not completely understand the difference between Therapeutic Massage and a general relaxation massage.  Our massage therapists are uniquely qualified to work with all types of patients – even those with the most severe and chronic health issues.  Often we will hear from a new patient that they are fearful of massage or have had an experience where they felt that a massage they had received elsewhere may have aggravated an already existing condition. 

Our therapists use a variety of hands on healing techniques individualized to the patient’s unique needs.  These include techniques such as cranial sacral massage, lymphatic massage, and pregnancy and post-partum massage.   The emphasis is on applying the correct pressure and technique to resolve the issue – rather than traumatize the system as some overly aggressive techniques can do.   

We recommend Therapeutic Massage for patients with health challenges ranging from pain including fibromyalgia and headaches to relief from stress, anxiety, and insomnia.  We recommend a consultation to determine your specific needs. 

I also want to give a “shout out” to Dr. Tobin’s massage therapist, Deborah. I just met Deborah last week and my massage was incredible. Deborah has an awesome energy about her - I felt comfortable and relaxed for the first time during a massage!! When Dr. Tobin told me she was fantastic she wasn’t lying... best massage I’ve ever had!
— Stacy C.


Thermal Massage Bed

If you’ve never used a Thermal Massage Bed, you’re in for a treat.  The bed uses the healing power of jade, combined with infrared heat, to sooth tight muscles and stimulate overall metabolism.  The bed has been shown to burn up to 2400 calories during one 35 minute treatment session.  While jade rollers ease muscles from your head to your tailbone on either side of your spine and between your shoulder blades, a lower set of rollers eases tight legs and calf muscles.  This action can be extremely helpful for patients with neck, back, sciatic, or shoulder pain.

Due to the effects this treatment has on the metabolism, this Thermal Massage Bed is actually FDA approved for lowering blood glucose levels for Type II diabetics and blood pressure in instances of hypertension.  What most people are shocked to find is not only how relaxed they feel after just 35 minutes, but the positive effects they feel throughout their entire body.

When you come in for your consultation, please ask if this treatment may be right for you.



Rapid Release Therapy


Rapid Release Therapy is a very simple type of physical therapy that yields tremendous results in a very short period of time.  A hand-held device is strategically applied to specific areas of the body depending on the patient’s health condition.  The device has an oscillating head that vibrates at a specific frequency to break down muscle adhesions.  As the adhesions are released, the muscles and tendons become more relaxed or flexible, and freedom of movement is restored.  Frequently, after only six treatments of 5 to 10 minutes each, long term chronic pain and restricted range of motion can be relieved. 

This therapy is particularly helpful for situations involving frozen shoulder, back, groin, sciatic or neck pain.  We’ve even witnessed immediate success resolving tension headache pain.  If you have a chronic muscular or tension derived pain issue, please ask if Rapid Release Therapy may be helpful for you.



EVOX For Emotional Reframing


Emotional Reframing is helpful when consciously we want to view a situation from a new and healthy viewpoint, but continue to fall into the same negative or counter-productive thought patterns that have been programmed into our subconscious brain.  One of our patients described it as riding a bicycle on a dirt path and always falling into that well-worn groove in the dirt.  It takes energy to get out of the groove, but after you do get out, you can go wherever you want.   This patient was one of our most cynical “engineering” patients, but in her words, “Doing these treatments completely changed my life.”  She said her family even commented on the transformation when they saw her over the holidays.

The treatments are extremely easy and self-directed.  We will usually spend some time prior to the treatment identifying the area of focus.  The treatment itself involves speaking into a microphone about a particular subject or person.  The computer picks up from the frequencies of your voice, where your emotional stressors are involving that particular subject or person.  Then, while you think about the subject or person, the computer plays back the balancing frequencies.  Each session may involve several rounds and usually takes about an hour to get to a “releasing pattern”.  One or two sessions are sufficient for most situations.  Other patients working on more extensive issues may require several sessions to work through many layers of an issue to get to the root of the problem.

At the end of the session, we usually program a customized homeopathic formula with Bach Flower Remedies.  This is for the patient to take at home to help secure more permanent results. 

We recommend this treatment for our patients currently seeing a therapist as it can increase the progress they are making with their therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist.   Most patients can benefit from seeing a good therapist after using the EVOX Emotional Reframing to continue resolving their underlying emotional issues. 

We find EVOX helpful with issues ranging from weight loss, anxiety, and depression, to insomnia and behavior disorders.  EVOX has proven indispensable with severe, chronic, or terminal health issues such as PTSD, Lyme disease or cancer.