EVOX For Emotional Reframing


Emotional Reframing is helpful when consciously we want to view a situation from a new and healthy viewpoint, but continue to fall into the same negative or counter-productive thought patterns that have been programmed into our subconscious brain.  One of our patients described it as riding a bicycle on a dirt path and always falling into that well-worn groove in the dirt.  It takes energy to get out of the groove, but after you do get out, you can go wherever you want.   This patient was one of our most cynical “engineering” patients, but in her words, “Doing these treatments completely changed my life.”  She said her family even commented on the transformation when they saw her over the holidays.

The treatments are extremely easy and self-directed.  We will usually spend some time prior to the treatment identifying the area of focus.  The treatment itself involves speaking into a microphone about a particular subject or person.  The computer picks up from the frequencies of your voice, where your emotional stressors are involving that particular subject or person.  Then, while you think about the subject or person, the computer plays back the balancing frequencies.  Each session may involve several rounds and usually takes about an hour to get to a “releasing pattern”.  One or two sessions are sufficient for most situations.  Other patients working on more extensive issues may require several sessions to work through many layers of an issue to get to the root of the problem.

At the end of the session, we usually program a customized homeopathic formula with Bach Flower Remedies.  This is for the patient to take at home to help secure more permanent results. 

We recommend this treatment for our patients currently seeing a therapist as it can increase the progress they are making with their therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist.   Most patients can benefit from seeing a good therapist after using the EVOX Emotional Reframing to continue resolving their underlying emotional issues. 

We find EVOX helpful with issues ranging from weight loss, anxiety, and depression, to insomnia and behavior disorders.  EVOX has proven indispensable with severe, chronic, or terminal health issues such as PTSD, Lyme disease or cancer.