Acupuncture itself is a tremendous healing modality.  However, not all acupuncture is the same.  We apply our holistic philosophy to our acupuncture as well.  What this means to our patients, is that we are not just “spot treating” or treating our patient’s chief complaint.  We address all systems of the body in each and every treatment.  Consequently, not only does that chief complaint heal quicker, more completely, and with fewer treatments, but additionally, other symptoms start to resolve as the entire body is renewing itself. 

Our patients find their treatments to be extremely relaxing.  Often we hear them say that “this is the time for their nap”, as they get into a deep state of relaxation during their treatments.  This is how a patient recently described her treatments,

I have known Dr. Tobin for over 9 years and she is without question the best acupuncturist I have ever been to (and I have been to many others). No matter what ailment I go in to see her about, I feel 100% better in one visit! In fact, her technique is so unique that during my treatment, I literally pass out. I get the best nap ever when I visit her and this doesn’t happen with other acupuncturists. Dr. Tobin is kind and truly cares about her patients. I really can’t say enough about how awesome she is - if you are questioning whether acupuncture will help you or if you’re nervous about the treatment, go see Dr. Tobin. You won’t regret it
— Stacy C.