Therapeutic Massage


Until you’ve received a true Therapeutic Massage, you might not completely understand the difference between Therapeutic Massage and a general relaxation massage.  Our massage therapists are uniquely qualified to work with all types of patients – even those with the most severe and chronic health issues.  Often we will hear from a new patient that they are fearful of massage or have had an experience where they felt that a massage they had received elsewhere may have aggravated an already existing condition. 

Our therapists use a variety of hands on healing techniques individualized to the patient’s unique needs.  These include techniques such as cranial sacral massage, lymphatic massage, and pregnancy and post-partum massage.   The emphasis is on applying the correct pressure and technique to resolve the issue – rather than traumatize the system as some overly aggressive techniques can do.   

We recommend Therapeutic Massage for patients with health challenges ranging from pain including fibromyalgia and headaches to relief from stress, anxiety, and insomnia.  We recommend a consultation to determine your specific needs. 

I also want to give a “shout out” to Dr. Tobin’s massage therapist, Deborah. I just met Deborah last week and my massage was incredible. Deborah has an awesome energy about her - I felt comfortable and relaxed for the first time during a massage!! When Dr. Tobin told me she was fantastic she wasn’t lying... best massage I’ve ever had!
— Stacy C.