Testimonial Videos

Over the years, it has been our sincere pleasure to treat many patients.  You can learn more about how Dr. Tobin's work has transformed the lives of her patients by watching the following patient testimonials.


Natural Treatment for Nerve Pain

In this video,one of Dr. Tobin's patients describes how Dr. Tobin was able to help her with nerve pain while reducing the reliance on drugs.

"The first time I saw her, I immediately felt relief.... If I had not come to see her that first day, I would still be living a life of pain and not be able to care for my children."

Acupuncture Treatment For Chronic Pain and Nausea

"I started to have chronic pain and nausea symptoms.  After going to many [conventional] doctors...nobody could seem to pull the picture together for me.  I've been seeing Dr. Mary for three months and after being sick for seven years... I certainly sense it is working in my system and [acupuncture] will probably work in anyone that gives it a try."

Acupuncture Treatment for Bloated Feeling and Depression.

"My stomach felt completely full and sticking out and in pain....  I also was experiencing some kind of depression....  I decided to turn to acupuncture.  Mary diagnosed the problem as two parasites and a fungus and gave me some nutrients and started her treatment on me for acupuncture....  I recommend Mary every time I turn around.  I carry a stack of cards with me."

Acupuncture for Chronic Pain and Several Diseases

"I thought it was just a lot of hocus pocus... not necessarly fixing anything, just making you believe that you're fixed....My ailments when I first met Mary... were hypertension, fibromyalgia, asthma, migraines, a herniated disk in my back, a tear in the m iniscus in my right knee.... I was in pain constantly.  I really felt at that point I had nothing to lose.  After three or four treatments I was completely pain free.... I followed up with a regular doctor.  Everything is gone!"