Limbic Stress Assessment


The lymbic stress assessment test is another non-invasive, radiation free test.  Patients simply rest a hand on a hand cradle.  An attached computer uses galvanic skin response (the same as is used in the lie detection test) to measure your body's reaction to a stressor.  This provides a measurement of the kinds of things that may be stressing your body, such as emotional stress, environmental, toxic exposure, hormones, hydration levels, etc.

This test will also provide us an idea if your body has an affinity for certain nutrients, or whether it would benefit from specific detoxification protocols.  We will also be able to identify your body type in Aurovedic medicine between Kapha, Vatta and Pitta.  This allows us to give you lifestyle support for your specific body type.  Emotional stressors can also be identified and the customized homeopathic remedies created specifically for you with such things as Bach Flower Remedies as needed.

lymbic stress assessment.png